How can agricultural non-woven fabrics help vegetables survi


       In addition to agricultural non-woven as thermal insulation shed in winter, 45 ° C high temperature summer, it can maintain a constant temperature, help vegetables against summer heat?
       Continuous 40 ° Under the influence of high temperature, many vegetables in Beijing were scorched, died, or damaged by insects, and suffered heavy losses due to the inability to apply pesticides (high temperature is easy to evaporate). At the same time, the high temperature also inhibited the germination of vegetable seeds, making vegetable farmers even worse.

Non woven fabric

       In view of this kind of high temperature barrier, can vegetable farmers use agricultural non-woven fabrics as the response measures of high temperature resistant greenhouse? What kind of anti high temperature effect can it play? How much improvement can be made?
       Agricultural non-woven fabrics can withstand 150 ° The temperature is about 10 ℃. It has anti UV (anti ultraviolet aging) function, can block the direct sunlight on vegetables, can effectively cool down, control the damage of strong light on vegetables, prevent vegetables from being burnt. When vegetables are damaged by insects, it can slow down the volatilization speed of drugs, give full play to the efficacy of drugs, and reduce the spraying amount of drugs. At the same time, it has air permeability and can prevent drug residues.