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Agricultural nonwoven fabric allows crops to "breathe"

Good quality Hydrophilic Nonwoven Fabric for sales
Good quality Hydrophilic Nonwoven Fabric for sales
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Agricultural nonwoven fabric allows crops to "breathe"
Agricultural nonwoven fabric allows crops to "breathe"

Agricultural nonwoven fabric allows crops to "breathe"

"Agriculturalnonwoven fabric is a new kind of cover material that lets air through, isabsorbant and has a certain transparancy. In Europe and America and otherdeveloped countries it is already being used extensively, but in China itstechnology has only been recently introduced and is still in its infancy,"explains Miss Rita from HK RidanyInternational Limited

Vegetables covered by the agricultural unwoven fabric

"Our company was founded in 2011. Our mainbusinesses are producing agricultural nonwoven fabric, weed strips, protectivebags for fruit plants and other similar goods. We have a materials workshop ofmore than 10 000 square metres. In comparison to the plastic cover that wasused widely in the past, the application of our nonwoven fabric allows thecovered fruits to absorb sufficient amounts of water, breathe in fresh air andthus develop faster and better. The membrane not only protects it from frost,but also protects the plants from harsh weather conditions and insect diseases.It is used on plantations, in greenhouses, and in European and American familygardens."

Fruit covered by the agricultural nonwoven fabric

"Nowadays, our products are mainly exportedthrough the port in Shenzhen to be sold in markets in Europe, the US andAustralia. Our main target customers are local distributors. In comparison toother companies within our industry, we have three big advantages. First ofall, our goods are made out of 100% nonwoven fabric. Although this kind ofmaterial can suffer from sunlight and heat, this problem can easily becountered. We have added an anti-UV dose to the material, so the goods cancontinuously be used throughout two seasons. Moreover, the thickness of thefabric can modified to adapt to different climates. We tailor our productsaccording to the requirements of our customers - any breadth, length or weight.Lastly, we have a monthly output of more than 700 tons of materials and atransaction time of only 5 days."


Vegetables covered by agricultural unwoven fabric

"At the present stage, we are trying to expand to overseas markets and areactively searching for possible collaborations with partners in theagricultural industry in Europe, North-America, Australia and Oceania. Thiswill give more people the possibility to use our high-quality materials."


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