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Advantages of non woven shopping bags

       Nowadays, many supermarkets begin to replace the traditional plastic shopping bags with environmentally friendly non-woven shopping bags. Non woven shopping bags are reusable. Non woven shopping bags are made of anti sticking non-woven polypropylene (PP) cloth. Next, let's talk about the advantages of non-woven shopping bags
  1. Recyclable and reusable.
  2. Biodegradable, no toxic pollutants when burning.
  3. No PVC coating or water is used in the manufacturing process.

Non woven fabric

  4. Screen printing and heat transfer full color printing are available.
  5. Light weight, packable or foldable.
  6. Water repellent / waterproof, air permeability.
  Nowadays, non-woven shopping bags are widely used in grocery stores, department stores, educational institutions, gift shops, promotion companies and so on. Because of its environmental protection and practicality, they are favored by people.