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What kind of non-woven fabric is used in highway maintenanc

       There are many types and specifications of non-woven fabrics. Products of different quality and specifications have different uses. What kind of non-woven fabrics are used in highway maintenance?
       For many of our friends in the industry, or for many of our manufacturers, it is also a headache, but for the friends who often use it or the enterprises that produce this kind of non-woven products, naturally, they are very clear about the mystery.
       1. For highway maintenance, it is to ensure that the water of highway sprinkling will not be evaporated, so as to ensure the hardness of the highway. It only needs to be used for 5-7 days, so from the price point of view, it does not need to be too expensive.

Non woven fabric

       2. It is hard to guarantee the value of secondary use because of the continuous soil and water spray during the road maintenance process, so it is accurate to use it once.
       3. The non-woven fabric itself has very good water absorption, so the use of thickness is not too thick, according to the specifications that can be produced, 200g is enough.